I welcome people of all ages who want to begin playing the violin and/or viola, or those who want to go from an amateur level to an advanced level on their instrument.

My lessons are focused, creative, fun, and unfold in a calm and patient atmosphere.  Whilst teaching, I assist the learner in individualizing positive qualities and help raise awareness on how to perform and improve interpretation. Furthermore, I aim to eliminate possible technical, interpretative, and musical issues at their root. During lessons, I offer theoretical and practical information that answers various questions that may arise during the lesson. 

Also, I apply yoga and meditation techniques that facilitate awareness of violin posture, technical aspects, resulting in improved sound and attention.                                 

My goal is to assist the learner in

-being able to fully enjoy the music being played.

-having confidence with one's own qualities and strengths.

-finding a harmonious relationship with the instrument.

-eliminating unfocused study (for example, the unnecessary repetition of the same passages).

-improving the quality of intonation, and the efficiency of studies.

-being able to overcome various interpretative difficulties.

-obtaining a method by which one can independently develop interpretative and artistic techniques.

I think everyone is unique and must be able to freely express his artistic qualities. That is why I aim to help learners develop and manifest these unique qualities.